I Am A Average Sized Guy Just Like You

Like over 63% of men I had a average size cock measuring in at just over 5 inches and was a average build mussle wise. I have always been happy with my size and I have never had a woman complain nut like anything else I always wondered what it would be like to have a firmer more muscular body and ofcourse a bigger package :)

We moved to LA last year and I was at a bar and ran into one of my favorite male performers. I walked up and introduced myself and soon after we were talking about everything under the sun. At this point in the conversation I asked what it was like to have such a huge cock and be in such great shape. He replied "why tell you how it fells when you can experience it yourself!" My eyes got as big as a saucer and here was what he told me:

How To Get A Larger Penis:

Step 1: The first product he told me about was Deer Antler Plus Muscle Builder. This stuff is a all natural supplement that will increase your metabolism and help sculpt and define your body. Seems male pornstars have used this stuff for years and years and no one every talked much about it becuase they did not want to loose their "edge" Now you too can be cut like a pornstar!

Step 2: He then told me before he began making adult films that he had a average sized penis just like you and I. The secert that he found was Virility EX Male Enhancement. This is a safe all natural herbal substitute that have been around for years. The benefits from taking Virility EX Male Enhancement is a increase in your stamina, hardness of the erection and size, and also prolong the sexual performance. According to the experts it is a great product which has some of the most amazing natural extracts to help you explore the pleasures of sexual life.

The Results Are In:

I have been taking these two supplements for about 4 weeks now. Here is a picture of my cock before and after:

I took Virility EX Male Enhancement every day for 4 weeks and this was the result. I picked up over 2+ inches on the length and almost 1 full inch in girth! Yeah I didn't beleive it either but this stuff really does work. I now have a much firmer erection and my overall confidence is 10 times what it was. I have no problem talking to women becuase I know when the time is right, I am going to be able to please her in ways I never could before! I also last longer in bed and with my new found confidence I am having the time of my life! Its ashame I did not find these produts sooner!

It is amazing how Deer Antler Plus Muscle Builder toned up my body only after 4 short weeks. This is what most the pornstars use to stay in super good shape. I cannot believe that I have never heard of either of these two products but now that I have fond them I am telling everyone I can because they really can change your life. I never knew how much more confidence a few inches would give me until I had it :)


From: JustinSeptember 21, 2011

Man this stuff is the shit. I found your website two weeks ago and got both the Deer Antler Plus Muscle Builder and the Virility EX Male Enhancement. It took 4 days to get the free trial and I started taking it the day I got it. I already notice my dick is much harder and my girlfriend says it feels larger. I cannot wait until I get to see the 4-6 weeks results!!! Thanks man for telling us about these great products!

From: SeanSeptember 20, 2011

Took advantage of the free trial as well and have been extremely happy with the results! My girl cannot keep her hands off my cock now :) Check out these results:

From: TonySeptember 15, 2011

I cannot wait to see the results! Hope i can pick up a few inches and fill out my chest a bit more.

From: Donovan September 1, 2011

I just starting taking these supplements today and I will report back after a 3-4 weeks. Wish me luck guys!

From: NicoleSeptember 05, 2011

Wonder If my boyfriend would get pissed off if i got this stuff for him. I wish he had a harder and longer cock.

From: ReynaldAugust 16, 2011

After a few weeks I noticed a change in my sex life. We were having sex a lot more often. She was enjoying it a lot more. She would moan and everything else Sometimes she gets so loud I need to put something over her mouth lol Now we are having sex nearly every day of the week. It's like she never wants to get off me. You know she told me she didn't think size mattered but to be honest with everyone I think it had a lot to do with our relationship. Even though i know she would never cheat, but i think it has defiantly change our sex life

From: MichaelAugust 2, 2011

I decided to give this a try because i have always wanted to be the best i can be in everything i do. I started out at 6.75" Non-bone pressed erect lengh and 5.5" in girth. Despite some claims that this is above average i felt it was nothing spectacular. I have gained 1/2" to my erect lentgh and girth. This has boosted my confidence and I LOVE IT

From: AlbertJuly 12, 2011

I thought all of the hpe about increase the size of penis was a bunch of marketing bullshit, but i thought i would give it a try i wanted to try it just in case it made sense. I was shocked. The bottom line is that after six weeks my length has increased by 1 inch

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